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A New Way

Understanding that costly and time consuming Systems Integration (SI) can no longer support the challenges faced by today's multi channel world, The VS Team has spent the last ten years creating a completely new way in allowing data to flow between any network of systems and platforms, delivering scalable, rapid, controlled management of all data – without ANY interference to existing systems.

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We deliver solutions to meet our clients’ modern business challenges.

The Edge

The Edge™ is the cloud-based, multi-sector, data translator, rapidly taking data from any location, in any format - outputting that data to any system, in any format, in accordance with the data owners unique set of business rules.

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Eliminating the need for costly and time consuming SI, The Edge enables our customers to rapidly react and evolve, addressing and achieving even the most complex of business initiatives. To support the retail sector, The Edge delivers a seamless, multi-channel solution, with particular focus on;

  • Multiple, flexible delivery options – ship from store, same day click and collect, ship to store.
  • Stock optimisation  – intelligent fulfilment of all orders
  • One view of all inventory in all locations - seamless supply chain connectivity
  • Enhanced customer experience – end–to-end order management
  • International expansion – direct online orders to global partners for fulfilment
  • Infinite aisle - rapid supplier and product on boarding, quicker time to market
The Edge is currently deployed into many of the world's highest profile and most respected businesses.

Our Clients

Our clients are forward thinkers undertaking many modern business objectives. You can read more about some of them in our clients section.

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Our clients want to develop and achieve multiple missions across their organisations. The VS Team help them plan, craft and succeed with even the most ambitious goals.

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